Collaborative Environment for Experts on Energy Efficiency in Buildings
in the UNECE region

About Us

The online collaborative environment developed by Sustainable Energy Division of United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), consisting of online database of experts and collaborative tool on energy efficiency in buildings, is a product of the project “Enhancing National Capacities for Development and Implementation of the Energy Efficiency Standards in Buildings in the UNECE region”.

 The project was implemented in two phases. Phase I (implemented in 2017-18) initiated an online database of experts on energy efficiency in buildings. Phase II of the project started in 2020 and progress with updating and maintaining the network of experts from public and private sectors on energy efficiency in buildings in the UNECE region.

 The online collaborative environment aims in helping experts to strengthen their capacities by sharing knowledge and expertise on energy efficiency in building. All stakeholders involved in the energy efficiency projects will benefit from this product.

 The expected results include the enhanced network of experts from public and private sectors on energy efficiency in buildings in the UNECE region. This collaborative environment will broaden the exchange of experiences and approaches to an increased uptake of energy efficiency measures in buildings among UNECE member States and other stakeholders.


Viewing, editing and commenting rights are restricted to the group of registered experts who have been approved by the UNECE and have a user account. 

Experts can register using Register link and once approved by the UNECE they will get a user account to login to the website using Login link. Approved expert will be notified by email on getting the user account.

Expert who login using their user account will be able to view email addresses and telephone numbers of other approved experts in Database of experts, otherwise not visible to the public, and to crate blog posts and to edit and comment content in Discussion pages (Blogs, Q&A and Forums).  

In addition, experts with user account will be notified by email message on new expert registration and on any changes in Discussions content.